Welcome to Sevanjali Prathishtana

Sevanjali Prathishtana is a NGO which is founded by Krishna Kumar Punja and others in 1993. ‘Sevanjali’ as the name itself depicts, this organisation is founded to help the needy people in various ways. Ganeshotsava is an yearly function organised by Sevanjali and celebrated by the good people of farangipete and surrounding villages.

Apart from the religious activities, there are many social charitable activities organized by Sevanjali Prathishtana, and people are continuously getting benefited by these activities.




Sevanjali the name itself indicate that, it performs the service of mankind. It ...

Ramanath Amin

Ramanath Amin

Like every other primary school kid even I used to say that I want to become a D...

Pranam Kumar


I am here to share some of my experiences with Sevanjali, the way it helped me t...
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